climatemaster-newThis is the last year to receive your 30% federal rebate off your entire geothermal installation.We are proud to be partnering with Corn Belt Energy to bring you not only an incredible product, but some amazing rebates.


43233-climatemaster-tev-300x300Corn Belt Energy is excited to announce our new GeoCents program. This program will pay to have the geothermal loops (the outside loops that go into a member’s yard) installed at a members home. In turn the member will pay a monthly fee to be able to utilize the loops.

Corn Belt Energy will do an initial face-to-face meeting explaining all of the program details and a review of the interested participant’s current
heating and cooling system. All participants must utilize a certified
HVAC contractor and geothermal looper for installation. Both new
construction or retrofits qualify for the program.

Corn Belt Energy will provide the following as a part of this program:
– $1100/vertical ton & the member will pay $7/ton/month on their electric bill
– $900/horizontal ton & the member will pay $6/ton/month on their electric bill
– Corn Belt also has a $1500 rebate for the installation of a geothermal that
utilizes electric as the backup

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